Ryan Balas is a seasoned director and cinematographer with a fresh and natural eye. The tabletop director and cinematographer co-founded TheFoodPornHub.com, showcasing his passion for the elevated culinary experience. His films are most notable for their modern naturalistic approach striking the perfect combination of style and heart.

After studying at The American Musical and Drama Academy and starting his career in filmmaking in front of the lens as an actor, Ryan values injecting intimacy in his work and creates a strong bond between a brand and its audience. As a tabletop director, he has the rare experience of also directing people and lifestyle, or as he calls it, “the love behind the food as well as what’s on the table”. He has created beautiful stories for clients such as Chobani, Freshly, Owyn, Cholula, and Bright Greens, collaborating with food tastemakers such as Molly Yeh, Saveur, and Tasting Table. He has also written and directed more than twelve independent feature films. Lastly, Ryan is the co-founder of Robel Films, an NYC based independent film production company.


Let’s Chat: ryan@ryanbalas.com